Our Partners

Treeki is pleased to be partnered with Tree Canada the largest charitable organization in the country.

Tree Canada has planted over 82 million trees in the past 25 years! Here at TreeKi we want to give supporters the opportunity to choose where they want to reforest. With every purchase of a product we plant a tree and you can choose where from a selection of 5 planting sites. Tree Canada is also partnered with other large household names such as Staples, Telus, Ikea, and even the Federal Government of Canada. 

Currently, the 5 planting sites Tree Canada and Treeki are focused on replanting are located in BC, the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick. 

Each region has its own selection of trees that are best suited for those environments. For example, our default site British Columbia will be planting the following tree species: Douglas fir, Lodgepole pine and spruce, Ponderosa pine, and the Western Larch. 

As we grow, Treeki hopes to continue to build a strong relationship with Tree Canada and reforest planting sites for years to come!