About Us

TreeKi came about from the constant reminder that climate change is going to affect things around the planet negatively and we as future leaders of society need to take proactive action against it.
One of the first steps to reach this goal is building awareness and educating one another on the key factors that will make a difference fighting climate change. For us the first factor to focus on is trees, specifically with a reforestation agenda. 
The “ki” in our name comes from the same word that refers to the circulating life force that is inherent in all things, similarly trees are the life force of this planet and what allow all living things that need oxygen to breathe.

One of the most consistently discussed issues on a global platform is climate change and how rising temperatures will affect the world in decades and centuries to come.

TreeKi implies one of the most popular and simplistic solution to climate change, that being trees are the key to capturing all that excess CO2, stopping desertification, and keeping natural ecosystems in balance. 

For TreeKi our goal is to plant as many trees as possible and specifically to one day be able to proudly say that we have planted one million trees as a result of the support from our TreeKi family.

TreeKi will plant one tree for each item sold.

Feel free to contact us for any questions, suggestions, or issues below!